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The Time Has Come

Over the last 10 years, Cedar Park Christian School has been blessed with incredible athletic success.

The Eagles have won 4 team state championships, 11 individual state titles, 3 team academic state championships, and numerous other titles.

Many of our atheletes have gone on to compete at the college level, developing their skills and character on and off the field.

All of this success has come in spite of not having the adequate field space needed for football, soccer, baseball, softball, track & field, and cross country.

This coming school year it is projected that there will be 48 sports teams, involving more than 800 students. Renting offsite fields has become increasingly difficult and expensive, and currently all home games must be played off site.

The time has come to develop our own fields.

Our students and community will feel the impact of these improvements for years to come.

With our visionary leadership, your involvement, and God’s continued hand of blessing, we can realize the dream together.

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The Field of Dreams

The Field of Dreams is a development plan to renovate the field into a first-class, multi-use athletic field. Once completed, the field will be able to accommodate the following sports and activities.


Soccer teams will be able to use the field for both practices and games. The project will include new heavy duty goals on wheels for easy moving and storage.


The addition of a quality practice facility with goal post will allow our football program to grow in quality and participation.

Baseball & Softball

Complete with dugouts, bullpens, and bleachers, the new field will provide a practice facility for both teams and a home field for softball.


The perimeter of the field is designed for an 8’ jogging track. This will provide the track and cross country teams a place to condition.

A Quality Product

A synthetic field offers the best possibilities for the long term vision of the school. The material selected is the same used at Husky Stadium, Qwest Field, and the Woodinville Sports Fields, along with many other local high schools. The possibility of year around use, the flexibility of usages, and the number of sports that will benefit, all make synthetic turf the most viable option for the field.

The school has put down a deposit on the synthetic turf locking the price of the turf and installation through June 2011. The school has contracted with PTI (Performance Turf International) for the turf and installation.

Counting the Cost

To property install a synthetic surface playing field requires significant resources. The costs have been itemized here:

Synthetic Turf Field $1,128,000
Fencing $177,000
Retaining Wall $80,000
Paving $61,000
Dugouts $50,000
Field Equipment $37,500
Storage Building $21,500
Landscaping $4,200
Grand Total $1,559,200